Friday, 21 August 2009

Thank you

I would like to thank everyone who has been so generous in helping me get started with this project. All the visitors to Dialogi and Larisa, Kolya, Alina and Maksim, who have helped me with the exhibition of the work. It is a beginning, and I will add to this weblog in future.

I leave St Petersburg tomorrow and will not be writing here for a few days. Please have a look at Flickr where you can see a lot more photos. Go to this url:

Last Day at Manezh

I finished at Manezh today. It was very sad leaving, although in the end we decided to leave this wall for the last weekend of the exhibition. Visitors can therefore still read everything and add to it, if they like.

Popular Themes

Two big themes that lots of people are highlighting effect all of us everywhere, no matter where we live. Many have expressed their opposition to war.

Very many people have shown how very important it is for us to take care of our planet.

I like this reminder that while there are many new ways now to communicate electronically, the old fashioned way of writing letters is really good, too!

This suggestion for a "Road to Happiness" with a possible route (somewhere - can't read the handwriting - to St Petersburg and Moscow) as one possibility is a concrete way to begin thinking of how to make work, such as a performance or participatory journey, that expresses many visitors' wish for happiness and feeling that happiness is very important.

Today I met people from many different places, from Israel to Omsk. I would love to go visit Omsk. We had a good chat about the possibilities for creative action there!

Today at Manezh